January 28, 2018

Well I’m back and at full strength and I think I have an interesting post today. it’s been said its been said that the Trumpster has a limited attention span. Well so do most people. Have you ever been in church or listened to a lecture in college, unless the person speaking is an exceptional speaker you’ll see people lose interest or even nod off at around the 25 minute mark. They do it to me at the 2 minute mark. The same sort of thing happens when people write article for the Internet or magazines even that obsolete thing called a newspaper. Now not much can be done to stop the speakers because they have to fill what they believe is a time line another problem with speakers is their voice. A monotone speaker can put people to sleep better and faster than drugs. When writing an article or blog such as this one some people (and I hope I’m not one) don’t seem to know when enough is enough. I just finished reading an article comparing Turkish American and German tanks. Now I love stuff about weapons but this article could have said all it needed to say in maybe 1 page there were 9 pages to the article single spaced and boring as hell. I’ve been alive for a long time and have had the privilege of reading and listening to some great people and in a generation that invented LOL I am consistently surprised by the tendency to supply more information than is necessary. Sometimes I believe they throw in extra stuff because they don’t have enough hard information on there topic. Thats why since I don’t have any hard evidence to support my claims here other than my own observations I’ll simply say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    i like trying to keep my eyes open when i’m bored your head flops down and then you pull it up only to let it fall down on your chest again and hopefully you get a two minute power nap


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