May 28, 2014

GarbageA20100111NGIt would seem a lot of people enjoyed my blog on waste so I decided to do another one. This is how we throw money into landfills in the US and other countries use garbage for a more constructive cause. In the picture above you see plastic bottles and cans in a garbage dump some place in the world. The Dutch are probably one of the best in the world at recycling their garbage at a rate of 60%. They have to recycle they have no room left to put garbage. They even build houses from trash. In Colombia construction debris is left at the curb and is recycled. What in America are called garbage pickers are actually people who go around and sort your garbage and then sell it to recyclers so that they can make a living. In the US when a charity needs money they will have people collect aluminum cans or news papers to make money. The problem in the US is things like glass and motor oil that you used to get paid for you know have to pay someone to pick up and dispose of. Old tires are used in most parts of the world in constructing roads. Just about everything we use can be recycled and used again. In the US people claim it takes too much time or getting permits to do recycling is too expensive. Now the problem of garbage is worse because we have electronics. Electronics contain bad things that can cause cancer and birth defects if they are pulled out of their protective shells inside the electronics. Computer monitors are some of the worst offenders and our garbage dilemma is not confined to the planet earth. When scientists get tired of figuring out ways to kill us maybe they could start figuring safe and inexpensive ways to use your trash. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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