May 21, 2014

colombia-bus-accidentThe news says an overcrowded bus catches fire! This does not even begin to explain the horror that thirty two families have had to go thru. Nor does describe the cause of the fire or why these kids had to die. At the moment the driver who had no license and was transporting gasoline illegally as well as unsafely has been arrested. Unfortunately there is no death penalty in Colombia. The leader or the Christian church who booked the bus has also been arrested. Having a legal driver who wasn’t trying to make a buck on the side would have saved these children from a horrible death. Here’s more when people dialed emergency services they were connected to Cartagena which was two hours away. When the local fire company arrived there truck was something out of a car wreck it had no windshield the driver’s door was missing and the driver side front end had been in a collision recently. The Captain of the fire company said they had been waiting three months for the repairs to happen. People who arrived and tried to help the screaming children were driven back when the gasoline exploded and ended all hope for those still trapped in the bus. No one can feel the horror or sadness that has enveloped this tiny very poor Christian community nothing can be done to remove the horror of hearing children scream as they’re burned alive. President Santos says he going to make new laws for drivers and I say why he would wait so long because nobody cared about this little town because it was so poor. Now everybody wants to help but I’m sorry this will help other children but for thirty two families it’s too late. This is a very sad Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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