May 27, 2014

Juan-Manuel-Santos-Oscar-Ivan-Zuluaga-549x366The election in Colombia is over and it didn’t go exactly like people thought. First there was no one with the necessary 50% of the vote to win. Second 60% of the registered voters didn’t bother to vote. Third Zuluago had 3 mor5 percentage points then Santos. Now this does not mean that he wins in the runoff on June 15, I think. What it means is the other three candidates get to play the role of king maker. Now I don’t know who is going to win what I do know is that these two idiots are as embarrassment to the democratic process. I think anyone of the other three candidates could have been a better choice. Well now the people that didn’t vote are going to get exactly what they deserve a rich elitist moron running a government that doesn’t care about the people unless they can make them money. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.