May 26, 2014

indexOk could you survive a major natural disaster? What would happen if you cell phone and all you electronics stopped working? We all remember 9/11 and if you were in New York you know that for a period cell phones didn’t work but you could pick up you old plugged into the wall phone and it worked so long as it was from Verizon and not your cable company. Now that one example but let say you live on the coast and Global warming has raised the level of the ocean 2 inches. Now when you hear 2 inches you don’t get worried you think it means you’ll lose a little beach front , that won’t be the case. All of lower Manhattan will be flooded Florida will be mostly under water as will most cities on the east and west coast’s. So what do you do know you have to move to high ground and you know if your poor your screwed because now there’s less land for the 300 million people to live and grow food on. And a lot of what under water was agriculture land. So do you think you could survive this, a shortage of food and fresh water? Not only that but now there would be fuel shortages you cars got no gas your stove has no gas would you survive? Now as you read this I’m sure most people are laughing and saying this will never happen WRONG this will happen. Maybe not in your life time but I’m fairly certain in your children’s life time. So again I ask the question but know we look at our children who have never had to worry about food or water who if something doesn’t work they throw it out and get a new one. What happens to them when they can’t get a new one? This is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

Rainforest-deforestation-Peru-1clx5dvDid you know that rain forests are responsible for about 28% of the world’s oxygen? We are always talking so much about global warming and food production that we’ve put one of the greatest dangers to the survival of mankind on the back burner. That danger is deforestation which is the cutting down of old growth forests and not replanting. It is a real problem in South America where Brazil leads along with Venezuela it seems the more the economy grows or the more oil or coal, gold etc is found the more they want to destroy the forests. Jeff and I believe this contributes to global warming as it leaves more co2 and other elements normally filtered out by trees and plants in the atmosphere. Now we’re not scientist or alarmist either, we just study the stupidity of man and wonder if there will be a world left for Jeff’s grandson Hari and His Great nephews Billy and Jackson to enjoy. The most disturbing thing about mankind is its complete lack of forethought. I mean they love to look back and find blame after it’s too late but aren’t real keen on protecting the future. Leaving instead for the next generation to try and repair. The unfortunate part of this is these idiots are affecting my life and the rest of the animal kingdom as well. Jeff has always been told things will get better as you get older I don’t think that applies anymore I think they’re getting worse and it will be the same way for the next generation. This is a thoroughly pissed off Flounder saying CIAO form Medellin Colombia.


April 3, 2014

5270017-vector-illustration-of-global-warmingHere I go again ranting about the climate this time because Jeff and I just read an article where Wyoming decide not to approve new science standards to be taught in schools because the climate or Global warming was going to be discussed. So now you have a bunch of high school seniors who think everything is Ok in the world. According to most (90 +%) scientists it probably already too late to prevent the damage of Global warming. I guess once New York City and New Orleans and other low lying areas of the world go under water maybe one of these ass holes with his head up his ass will go gee maybe there is something to this global warming stuff. Of course by that time people will be killing each other over dry land and food. You know we should have learned from the American Indian and had a little more respect for the planet. I guess there sitting on their reservations going see whose getting screwed now. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


March 6, 2014

3920138821_what_do_you_think1_xlargeToday I decided to ask the question; what do you think? About what you say anything that comes to mind for instance the Ukraine, the trouble in Venezuela, the weather in California. How about Global warming in general or religion or politics? All these topics have one thing in common there all opinions there are a few empirical facts surrounding all of them but people don’t listen to them it’s more about what they think. Jeff and I have our opinions which we can defend using history and science and when we d owe piss off a whole bunch of people. But what we find difficult to deal with is people who disagree with us but can’t but forth any factual evidence to counter our opinion. Debate is a wonderful way to learn more and get people minds into the subject. When we say debate were not talking about a political one where the questions are all scripted and the participants have time to prepare their answers. It’s our opinion if you’re really passionate about the subject they can defend it without a script. Well that’s our opinion and for once we’re entirely in agreement. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.