May 8, 2014

Rainforest-deforestation-Peru-1clx5dvDid you know that rain forests are responsible for about 28% of the world’s oxygen? We are always talking so much about global warming and food production that we’ve put one of the greatest dangers to the survival of mankind on the back burner. That danger is deforestation which is the cutting down of old growth forests and not replanting. It is a real problem in South America where Brazil leads along with Venezuela it seems the more the economy grows or the more oil or coal, gold etc is found the more they want to destroy the forests. Jeff and I believe this contributes to global warming as it leaves more co2 and other elements normally filtered out by trees and plants in the atmosphere. Now we’re not scientist or alarmist either, we just study the stupidity of man and wonder if there will be a world left for Jeff’s grandson Hari and His Great nephews Billy and Jackson to enjoy. The most disturbing thing about mankind is its complete lack of forethought. I mean they love to look back and find blame after it’s too late but aren’t real keen on protecting the future. Leaving instead for the next generation to try and repair. The unfortunate part of this is these idiots are affecting my life and the rest of the animal kingdom as well. Jeff has always been told things will get better as you get older I don’t think that applies anymore I think they’re getting worse and it will be the same way for the next generation. This is a thoroughly pissed off Flounder saying CIAO form Medellin Colombia.

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