May 26, 2014

indexOk could you survive a major natural disaster? What would happen if you cell phone and all you electronics stopped working? We all remember 9/11 and if you were in New York you know that for a period cell phones didn’t work but you could pick up you old plugged into the wall phone and it worked so long as it was from Verizon and not your cable company. Now that one example but let say you live on the coast and Global warming has raised the level of the ocean 2 inches. Now when you hear 2 inches you don’t get worried you think it means you’ll lose a little beach front , that won’t be the case. All of lower Manhattan will be flooded Florida will be mostly under water as will most cities on the east and west coast’s. So what do you do know you have to move to high ground and you know if your poor your screwed because now there’s less land for the 300 million people to live and grow food on. And a lot of what under water was agriculture land. So do you think you could survive this, a shortage of food and fresh water? Not only that but now there would be fuel shortages you cars got no gas your stove has no gas would you survive? Now as you read this I’m sure most people are laughing and saying this will never happen WRONG this will happen. Maybe not in your life time but I’m fairly certain in your children’s life time. So again I ask the question but know we look at our children who have never had to worry about food or water who if something doesn’t work they throw it out and get a new one. What happens to them when they can’t get a new one? This is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

One Response to “CAN YOU SURVIVE”

  1. Valerie said

    gee I woke up this morning feeling cheerful – not so much now after reading this blog


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