April 3, 2014

5270017-vector-illustration-of-global-warmingHere I go again ranting about the climate this time because Jeff and I just read an article where Wyoming decide not to approve new science standards to be taught in schools because the climate or Global warming was going to be discussed. So now you have a bunch of high school seniors who think everything is Ok in the world. According to most (90 +%) scientists it probably already too late to prevent the damage of Global warming. I guess once New York City and New Orleans and other low lying areas of the world go under water maybe one of these ass holes with his head up his ass will go gee maybe there is something to this global warming stuff. Of course by that time people will be killing each other over dry land and food. You know we should have learned from the American Indian and had a little more respect for the planet. I guess there sitting on their reservations going see whose getting screwed now. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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