May 22, 2014

mishmashI was so depressed by yesterdays post I decided today will be mish mash day which a collection of random thoughts. First I forgot a very important fact yesterday it was my birthday and I turned 14 or 72 in human years. Then a bunch of bees forced the closing of a highway in Delaware in the US. I don’t know how much you get to see about the election down here in Colombia but it’s so bad they should make a comedy show about it, too bad John Belushi isn’t still alive he could play either one or both of the candidates. Global warming is back in the news but I’m convinced nobody will do anything until the lower East Side in New York is underwater. You know what the world needs it’s to have Bob Marley and Peter Tosh back and a huge concert some place they’ve never had one like Africa or somewhere. You know I’ve come to a conclusion that humans should be spayed just like cats and dogs so you can’t screw up the planet anymore than you have already. Jeff says when he gets done with this book he’s going to do one about me, Flounder which would be a best seller of course. Well I feel better now so I’m going to take a poop and go sit in the window and survey my kingdom the rest of the day. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin (they should rename it Flounder) Colombia.

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