May 16, 2014

GMOs-breakdownThere’s a big protest march coming on May 24 against the Chemical company name Monsanto. The protesters want Monsanto to label the food products that contain or were grown from genetically modified orgasms (GMO). If you want the science behind GMO’s look it up on Google it’s far too complicated for a simple cat like me. I have no problem demanding that Monsanto label its food products but I don’t think that you can stop the companies development and use of the companies GMO’s. I actually believe that the whole label thing is designed to keep protesters from working to stop the manufacture of GMO’s. Sort of the way I thought Earth Day was a way for Nixon to divert attention of the hippies from Viet Nam. The unfortunate thing is that sooner or later something like GMO’s are going to be needed to help up food production in the world. Hardier seed that will help produce food in Drought areas. The reason is simple the world in its desire to provide health care to undeveloped nations has in some areas caused a population explosion that up that point had been controlled by nature. But leaving that aside nations like the US have starving people in them and the future says as we live longer the population will grow thus contribute to land being used for housing and then food shortages. Now this may seem like a post I support of Monsanto and it’s not they have used a trade agreement with Colombia to force farmers to use their genetically altered seeds which has contributed to protests by farmers down here. The idea of labeling food products and thus giving consumers the choice of buying products that contain GMO’s or not should not have reached the level it has. There is nothing wrong with choice and given the size of Monsanto I don’t believe their company officers will have to stop driving Rolls Royce’s and switch to KIA’s. I believe there’s more to this they don’t want their products to be held back from market while lawsuits and further testing delay their introduction to the world market. That would cause a huge loss in give other companies an equal chance to develop a better and possibly safer product. In conclusion I supporting the march for labeling of products containing GMO as a simple example of giving people freedom of choice the rest we’ll wait and see what sakes out. This Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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