October 28, 2014

greedI just read an article about Walmart and how they’re going to start selling used video games in November. That means they’re targeting game stop stores. Well this story got me to thinking about all the companies that want to rule the world sort of. There’s Bill Gates who has for years wanted to control access to the internet and all the information contained there. Then there’s Google same ambitions. Amazon wants to control the entire retail world including what we can read, eat, watch, and play. You see this unbridled ambition in a lot of companies some such as the ones above just try to buy their competition out others like big banks want to destroy theirs anyway they can. I wonder at what point is all this greed going to come back and bite them in the ass and what the effect on the rest of us will be? We know they don’t give a shit about us they don’t want us to be educated unless we think like they do. If you really want to see the dangers of this greed look at the food industry you have two major companies trying to control either the production or the consumption of our food. On the production end you have Monsanto and on the consumption end Nestle foods. Monsanto has managed to get itself include in free trade agreements such as the one the US has with Colombia. In said agreement was included a provision that the farmers in Colombia had to use Monsanto’s genetically altered seeds to grow food for export. Nestle on the other hand just buys the competition out. I know a lot of my friends march against some these companies and their policies but until we can hurt them on a very seriously economic front I don’t see thing changing just getting worse. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


May 16, 2014

GMOs-breakdownThere’s a big protest march coming on May 24 against the Chemical company name Monsanto. The protesters want Monsanto to label the food products that contain or were grown from genetically modified orgasms (GMO). If you want the science behind GMO’s look it up on Google it’s far too complicated for a simple cat like me. I have no problem demanding that Monsanto label its food products but I don’t think that you can stop the companies development and use of the companies GMO’s. I actually believe that the whole label thing is designed to keep protesters from working to stop the manufacture of GMO’s. Sort of the way I thought Earth Day was a way for Nixon to divert attention of the hippies from Viet Nam. The unfortunate thing is that sooner or later something like GMO’s are going to be needed to help up food production in the world. Hardier seed that will help produce food in Drought areas. The reason is simple the world in its desire to provide health care to undeveloped nations has in some areas caused a population explosion that up that point had been controlled by nature. But leaving that aside nations like the US have starving people in them and the future says as we live longer the population will grow thus contribute to land being used for housing and then food shortages. Now this may seem like a post I support of Monsanto and it’s not they have used a trade agreement with Colombia to force farmers to use their genetically altered seeds which has contributed to protests by farmers down here. The idea of labeling food products and thus giving consumers the choice of buying products that contain GMO’s or not should not have reached the level it has. There is nothing wrong with choice and given the size of Monsanto I don’t believe their company officers will have to stop driving Rolls Royce’s and switch to KIA’s. I believe there’s more to this they don’t want their products to be held back from market while lawsuits and further testing delay their introduction to the world market. That would cause a huge loss in give other companies an equal chance to develop a better and possibly safer product. In conclusion I supporting the march for labeling of products containing GMO as a simple example of giving people freedom of choice the rest we’ll wait and see what sakes out. This Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

gmoI wrote about the free trade agreement between the US and Colombia before and how I thought it wasn’t the great idea everybody was talking about. It had a hidden agenda and speaking of hidden agendas look what the Koch brothers and their close friend Monsanto are trying to do know. They want Congress to pass a law so they don’t have to mark their products as containing GMOS (Genetically Modified Organisms) in other words when you go to the store you won’t know what you buying to put in your body. Now Jeff and I are far from being heath freaks or even just health conscience but if GMOs are so great why does Monsanto have to force countries to use them and then hide the fact that a food product contains them. I don’t know how many other trade agreements the US have with other countries where they require the farmers to use only Monsanto seeds. But I do know we are not altruistic country and that we don’t make deals where someone isn’t making a great deal of money from it. Some of my friends up in the US are going to a march in New York City on May 24 to try and stop this there are also online petitions from several groups everything from labeling to a complete a ban. I don’t know about a complete ban I will say this you should be able to choose. On the other side of the coin I know that something will eventually have to be done or the world will face over population and starvation. It won’t bother me and Jeff but it will bother Hari Jeff’s grandchild as well as your grand Children so know would be a good time to stop talking and star doing. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


November 19, 2013

fAs you can see from the photo above we’re going to talk about the farmers of Colombia and what has happened since their protests in August. The answer to that is nothing. The Government has successfully ignored them and according to a professor in Bogota the country is headed for a social revolution. I hadn’t realized that one of the provisions of the trade agreement with the US was that the farmers had to use genetically altered seeds from Monsanto to plant their crops. Part of the protest was about this and the adverse effect it would have on environment of Colombia. This harkens back to a statement we made when the trade agreement went into effect and that was the US doesn’t make deals unless it can screw the little guy. As far as I can see there is no reason to use Monsanto’s seeds at this time other than to make money for them. Colombia has enough diseases to cope with without the increased risk of Cancer that comes from what is called GMAs by Monsanto. If the Government continues on this path it will accomplish what 50 years of fighting by the Farc and other rebel groups has not. And that is a complete social revolution that will remove the Elite of Colombia from power. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.