May 19, 2014

corruptionIT’S Monday and here I am again writing about political spying and corruption. You would think after what happened in the US with Nixon and then the revelations made by Snowdon that politicians all over the world would be smart enough not to be overt in their spying on each other. It would appear though that the Colombian Presidential candidates somehow missed the memo. As an outsider looking in it the level of corruption and the apparent lack of caring by the Colombian people amazes me. I have seen this in the rural south back in the US but there at least the little guy stood a chance. From what I’ve observed the little guy has no chance down here. The peace process will probably make things worse when they let the criminals into politics. It will give criminals something they have been trying to since Castro took over Cuba. Now I know what you’re saying the US won’t let that happen right? Wrong short of destroying the whole country with nuclear weapons there’s very little they can do. What you say? Look at Mexico and there war with drug dealer that’s going along fine right and look at Colombia’s decades old war with the Farc and they still can’t defeat them. No, it looks like political corruption is here to stay and the 1% with all the money will be telling us what to eat what to wear and where to live. I’m Flounder and I’ve been around a long time and I probably won’t be around to see all this come to pass but I do worry about the young people and what kind of future they will have. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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