May 8, 2022

Man missing Sundays are becoming a thing hopefully I won’t be missing anymore for a while. Well, we have a war in Ukraine that will only result in innocent people starving and being tortured. We have democracy being threatened by politicians that might or might not be able to spell it. War is never a good thing especially when it would appear that when it ends nothing will have dramatically changed. People, who are a lot more informed than I am are trying to figure out what Putin’s purpose is in all this. I have no idea other than he’s trying to pull a Trump and create a distraction for something else.

As for the treats to Democracy, there you can see the purpose. They want to create a combination of an Orwellian society with Hand Maiden rules. Those are two fictional stories one being an old book the other being both a book and TV series. The Hand Made Tale shows what the Republicans would like to see happen to Human rights especially women’s rights. Orwell on the other hand shows a Trump-like desire for an Authoritarian form of Government. It is my belief that if things keep heading in these directions Civil disobedience and the real possibility of violence are real and on the horizon. I’ve got to stop here and get ready to go out but I’m going to try and go live Monday night at 8pm est. this is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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