May 29, 2022

Well, they’re voting for President of Colombia today, they’ll have a runoff in two weeks. It’s the usual run of corrupt dick heads plus one outstanding ass hole. Gustav Petro, he is a card-carrying communist and has been for years. That’s not what bothers me. He was removed from office and reinstated twice for corruption as mayor of Bogota. You would think people would make a big stink about that, but not here. He has some ideas for the economy and depending on who you listen to or read they will either be great for the country or turn it into another Venezuela. He wants to immediately stop oil exports and when your economy is 70% oil-based doesn’t sound like a great idea. Like many other politicians, he has an idea that is not bad on the surface, but when you don’t know how to replace that income, you end up screwed. On the other side of things, it appears most of the views on this blog came from China last week. We know what the means guys they want to Hack me. Now I’ve really made it when china wants to hack my blog. God, they do that and I’ll have a billion Chines pissed off at me. I have to get some coffee so I’ll say this is the ANCIENT ONE and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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