November 28, 2012

Jeff did his second load of laundry this week today; he’s really getting that domestic stuff down pat. I on the other hand go around and see what I can mess up just to keep him busy and out of my hair. It’s Wednesday the so called hump day only in this case because Dec1 is Saturday it is half way to party time. I don’t think you can find too many people interested in work for the next month because when they celebrate Christmas and the New Year down here they really celebrate it.  Jeff is still not sure if they’re going to El Jefe’s house Sunday or not, he says he wants to go no matter if anybody else does or not just to check up on him and make sure he’s alright. Ruby is going to a concert Saturday night and Jeff and I will get to spend the night watching what we want on TV hopefully he will get a couple of new DVD’s to watch because Saturday night TV leaves a lot to be desired down here. Well sorry to say that’s all I’ve got right now maybe I’ll be back later and maybe not CIAO

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