November 30, 2012

comics-toonhole-aliens-cats-479882Its Friday, anybody going to something cool this weekend? Ruby and her sons are going to a concert and you know what that means for Jeff and me Party.  Ok you guys remember I’m running for president in 2016 so it shouldn’t come as a surprise for you to learn that cats are probably the most intelligent organisms on this planet. Now before you all go yeah right think about this if I want you to do something all I have to do is go meow and rub up against you and look up at you with me sad little eyes and you guys will do whatever I want. You know this is true do you think aliens from another world would want to talk to you or God forbid a dog, of course not they’d want to sit down and have an intelligent conversation with a cat. Now bearing that in mind wouldn’t it make sense for this country to be lead by a cat so that when, not if, aliens arrive here we have somebody smart enough to communicate with them after all we all know CATS RULE CIAO?

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