November 23, 2012

It’s the day after so what happened yesterday Houston beat Chicago in a overtime thriller (the only game the put on down here) The Cowboy and the Jets both lost, it was a great day. Now we have to get back to reality Jeff, Ruby and the rest of the Family are going to a farm for the weekend that should prove interesting. You know I was just looking out the window and noticed the man going thru the garbage he wasn’t looking for food apparently it’s how he makes a living by going thru other peoples garbage and removing the recyclable stuff. Jeff says he sees people all over doing this they usually work in the evening or early morning and I guess they make enough to live on I really not sure. I know that in Bello there are kids who sit on the back of garbage trucks and do the same thing. The only problem I have with this is that some of these people will just dump stuff on the side of a hill if they can’t make money out of it. The guy who sorts the garbage on our street cleans up afterwards and doesn’t leave stuff  laying around if he can’t use it it ends up back in the garbage can. I don’t think Jeff could do that job but he does give those people a lot of credit they would rather do that then ask for charity, Jeff wishes people in the US had the same attitude maybe the country wouldn’t have as many problems, but that’s a noterh story for another day CIAO.

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