November 27, 2012

Hey what do you know this is post number 400 that’s a lot of BS to put out there, any we did it and I for one am proud to be here. Now down to business look like they may be going to El Jefe house this weekend he hasn’t been feeling so good lately and sense everybody has to get together to pick secret Santa they might as well go there and make it a little easier on El Jefe. It’s really a beautiful day out there now this morning was a little shaky. Jeff sent out a couple of copies of his book to friends and is waiting to hear what they think of it. I think it’s much easier to write this blog than to write a book, all I have to do is put down whatever comes into my head while when you write a book it all has to be tied together and make some sense and you know I don’t make sense. Jeff is really trying to write interesting books not because he expects to become rich and famous but he says it helps keep his mind alert, and God knows he needs a lot of help in that department. I have plans to make to 800 posts before Oct. of next year I like setting goals and I like writing this dumb thing. I do want to mention one political thing though for those who live in New Jersey. I just read that your governor Chris Christie is running for reelection in 2013 that should keep the sale of double bacon cheeseburgers up there huh.  Ok I’m going to go over to the couch now and take a nap CIAO.

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