November 24, 2012

Today Ruby, Jeff, and some members of the family are supposed to go to a farm for the weekend. I hope so I need the alone time to mess with the Christmas tree. Ruby and Jeff also went to see Breaking Dawn part two last night and even though it was in Spanish Jeff enjoyed as much as Ruby it has a surprise ending that they both thought was pretty cool. The sun is shining right now and it’s getting hot I hope they remember to fill my water dish and food before they go otherwise I’ll really tear this place apart. Jeff is going to maybe miss the Green Bay vs New York Giants tomorrow but sense it’s a night game they might make back in time. Jeff says if he can’t go fishing he going to use the time to read and start his next book, if you’re wondering why it hasn’t gone to the publisher Jeff gave to John to look over and he hasn’t had time yet but Jeff says he going to publish it by the first of the month no matter what (we’ll see). Everybody is getting ready for breakfast so I guess this is it until Sunday night CIAO.

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