The rest of the day

April 27, 2012

Well they saw Camilo and he looks Ok a lot more tattoos and Jeff isn’t a hundred percent sure he’s completely learned his lesson but he’s willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Hari went with them and he seemed to like him right away which is unusual for him around strangers. They plan on going back later today with Hader or maybe John and Jeff plans to spend some time with him this weekend. All I know is they better get me some cat litter and food or there is going to be a problem, I just might decide to use the furniture for a scratching post. I don’t know how the rest of the world is doing but things down here a really good, they are different but everywhere outside the US is different just because you don’t see the glitz doesn’t mean things are bad. Things that are pure American such as musicians that come down here to perform are as expensive as in the US but going out to dinner I nice restaurant having a class or two of wine and desert for $25 is great. I’ve seen that if Jeff had worked very hard when we were in NJ just to maintain a life style down here that hard work would translate into a good life style that allowed a little extra for savings and a nice vacation every year. You’re also not taxed to death down although people here complain they really don’t know how fortunate they are. I really hope things don’t change to much around here while I’m still around I kind of like it this way Ciao.

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