Family is really important

April 28, 2012

Jeff went to see Camilo again last night with Ruby, John, Hari, Juan Pablo, and Hader at Nachos restaurant everybody appeared to have a good time it’s always nice to see family together. Speaking of family the latintinos remind of how things were in America when I was little, it’s one of the things that changed that I really regret. When I was a little kid in the late 40s and early 50’s families ate together at the dining room table every morning and night as I got older it got harder to survive on one family members salary and I always thought that was strange because my parents and teachers were always telling us kids how much better things would be when we grew up. Well when I grew up my father passed away my mom went to work and so did I we both did OK but when Jeff got married the first time he realized he couldn’t make ends meet without a second salary, he made enough when he was single but he couldn’t support two people on his own and when he looked around he saw he wasn’t alone. People will tell you women went to work because they wanted to and a lot of them did and they paid someone else to raise their families during the week. Now I won’t tell how that effected family values or teenage crime I’m a cat after all not a shrink, but I can tell you this Jeff loves the fact that there’s a lot of family around down here and he hopes that never changes he also hopes Camilo realizes that and take advantage of it in a positive way. If he doesn’t he’ll miss out on a lot and probably will go back to America and never learn a thing. Jeff get a little teary eyed when he thinks about family all he really has left in America are his two wonderful nieces who he knows love him very much and he loves them very much and tries to stay I touch as much as possible. He misses the members of his family who are not around anymore his mom and dad, brother, aunts, uncles, and cousins some have passed away some have drifted to far apart. The ones that have drifted afar have lost out on relationships that would have been wonderfully supportive as they grew up. Well I don’t even know my mom and dad but I have Jeff and Ruby and all their family to love me and look after me so I guess I’m one lucky cat, enough sentimentality for now Jeff is cranking up a little Bob Marley to try and lighten thing up me I’m going to wipe a tear from my eye give myself a good scratch and take a nap Ciao.


One Response to “Family is really important”

  1. Valerie said

    sure now you are going to make me cry


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