Not the Best Day

April 25, 2012

Well the US immigration screwed up and Camilo didn’t get to his plane today so now they have to move him to Elizabeth and put him on the plane tomorrow morning by 5:30 am or they have to buy another ticket, let’s hope everything goes alright. Barcelona ended in a 2-2 tie with Chelsea yesterday which eliminated them from the Championship Series final, today is Real Madrid’s turn and they must win by 3 goals which won’t be easy. So com on everybody let’s start rooting now and give Real Madrid some real support in the match. Jeff had to get up early today to try and help Olga find out what happened to Camilo so he’s a little tired and a little more cranky than usual, you just know John will have something to say about that later today, I’ll make sure to let you now tomorrow. Right now I think both Jeff and I need a nap in the sun Ciao


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