Sunny Saturday

April 21, 2012

Well aside from finding out John really does read this blog he says he’s really upset but there nothing he can do YOU CAN DEMAND THE COACH BE FIRED you’ve spent money everywhere upgrading the team but you didn’t upgrade the coach. There will be some good soccer on about 1pm today Barcelona v Real Madrid we won’t get to watch we’re going out to look at new houses than going out for dinner and shopping. Tomorrow I’ll let you know if they found anything interesting. The sun is shining again so it’s great to be alive, and a cat , all I have do today is lick myself and nap in the sun great life. You do remember I said they really respect animals down here so I might as well as take advantage. Nothing much else is happening this weekend everybody is anticipating Camilo arrival on Wednesday, so I guess he’ll make the rounds to say hello between Wed. and next weekend. Oh, Oh I see a cloud I better get my sun nap now you never know with the weather down here Ciao.

Its Zep what can I say

Sunny Friday

April 20, 2012

TGIF and the sun is shining what a great morning in Bello unless of course you’re a Nacional fan University de Chile 2 Nacional 1.It’s becoming a habit to bust John the day after a game and they lose, he just shrugs his shoulders and acts as if it’s no big thing but I can tell you he’s very upset. He bought what we American s call season tickets and he goes to home games rain or shine and when you sit in a stadium I the rain four a couple of hours and your team doesn’t do well, you begin to question your decision making when you bought the tickets, again John tells you he’s not upset RIGHT. I know I’d be really pissed and would want the coach fired and the players replaced, we all know that’s not going to happen. Well, what’s on tap for the weekend first dentist appointment for Jeff to day tomorrow some walking and then shopping and dinner at one of the restaurants in the mall? Sunday Ruby’s making Lasagna for Miriam’s birthday lunch and she’ll be here maybe some other people too that’s cool because if the sun is shining I’ll be sleeping and you could set off a bomb and I wouldn’t care. I got to tell you Jeff’s arthritis is acting up in his right hand we may have to get one of those speech to text programs soon Dam it’s a bitch getting old, but it does beat the alternative. Jeff is listening to Led Zeppelin today you know I dig it too he has tons of Classic Rock and Blues music so I never know where his head is going to be musically. Hey I’m wasting some god sun napping time here so until tomorrow Ciao


Guess what more rain

April 19, 2012

Guess what it’s raining @#$%$#@ I guess you can tell were really not happy, but we’re going to try and not be so depressing today, or maybe not. We spent part of yesterday watching Barcelona v Chelsea soccer game which of course Barcelona lost 1-0 when they should have won easily. Maybe Jeff should stop rooting for teams because every time he does they lose except for Nacional they just lose. The rest of the day was spent watching Jeff try to write his book now that’s funny he can sit down and write a page of nonsense on this blog thing of his, of course I help with the blog, but can’t put a page together in hours of trying. Maybe I’ll try and give him a hand at it but I’ll want a cut of the royalties and co writer credit maybe I should get an agent to negotiate for me. I’m not sure I’ll be able to help sense I don’t know that much about sci-fi then again I have no idea what I’m doing here either. Nacho is going to Bogota over the weekend his sister is very sick and he want to see her he also plans on staying until Wed. to bring Camilo back I hope so. I also hope the weather improves not just because I want to lie in the sun but because I feel bad for the people down here who are being affected by it. Well I hope it wasn’t too depressing today the weekend is almost here maybe we’ll have some fun stuff to talk about then Ciao.


April 18, 2012

You know it’s still cloudy and rainy down here so it’s hard to be cheerful in these blog posts. Today Jeff is listening to Van Morrison’s album Moon Dance now you know he’s depressed, so let’s get really down and talk about “Big Brother is watching.” That quote comes from the story contained in the book 1984 written by George Orwell in 1949 deals with things like the cult of personality whose leader was known as Big Brother the world had suffered an atomic war and was divided into three super nations. The story centers on Oceania it’s really should be required reading for everyone at some point in their life. Jeff said he had a really hard time finding a copy in a Library last year when we were still in the US. Being a little crazy he believes the government would prefer it if no one read it anymore. He believes they don’t want you to see how easy it is to spy on everything you do and we do mean everything. In the story they use cameras on the TVs that you must keep on at all times in today world that wouldn’t be necessary fiber optic cable is capable of both sending and receiving signals so maybe that little electric eye on your video box is really a camera, now what do you suppose there watching? In the book the purpose of TV is to indoctrinate everyone into obeying the Edits of Big Brother and make sure no one is acting in a subversive way. Does this sound like the Patriot Act in America, don’t worry I’m sure some version of this will show up in your country soon, traffic cameras anyone. You know as crazy as Jeff is some of this almost makes sense, hey big brother if you listening or reading this BITE ME Ciao

That ain't Van

Rain Rain go away

April 17, 2012

You know I think we’re averaging about I hour of sun a day right now the rain down here is really beginning to play havoc with just about everything down here people will begin to price increases in everything. Roads are blocked by floods and landslides fields are flooded crops are ruined even coffee prices will go up again. I don’t think this is normal but Jeff hasn’t really talked to anyone about it yet but I think he will soon especially sense it doesn’t look like the weathers going to improve in the next day or two. As for me I losing me tan I haven’t had a good nap in the sun in a couple of weeks I’m starting to look as white as Jeff and believe me that’s white. Yesterday marked the 50thanniversary of the writing of Bob Dylan’s classic Blowin The Wind He didn’t release the recording until a year or so later in 1963. Jeff believes that no one, around his age hasn’t at one time or another listened to a Dylan song and felt it meant something profound to them, only Woody Guthrie’s music has and will continue to have relevance for so many people. Even down here if people listen to their music I’m sure, even in translation, will have significant meaning to their lives. Well it doesn’t mean much to me except it ain’t Metallica trying to blow my ears out. OK I going to go and take a cloud nap now Ciao.


A message for Colombia

April 16, 2012

This one is for all my Colombian readers the free trade agreement goes into effect on May 15 and sense George Bush but most of it together you should really take a good look at it. What will happen is you will see American companies selling their products cheaper than yours. You will also see American companies coming down here to build manufacturing plants you say that’s good more jobs for Colombians, well yes that’s good and also bad. They’ll come down here because you represent cheap labor for them they won’t have to pay you benefits they will a little more than your companies pay you and still make huge profits. They also won’t have to worry about environmental concerns in other words they use up all your natural resources and then walk away from you laughing all the way to the bank. You will your prices go up as everything is shipped to the US and just like coffee you’ll be left with the also ran products. You will also see the end to the little shops as they won’ be able to get the products they need at a price to compete and you’ll start seeing Colombian art being made in China. Now this won’t happen overnight in the beginning everything will look great but take from an American that will eventually all change and your cost of living will sky rocket, just like the US from 1950 to today. I came here because I couldn’t afford to retire in America. I’m old enough that it won’t affect me but it will affect my grand children. You have a beautiful country don’t let big money corrupt and destroy what you have. That’s it from me today please if your Colombian and speak and read English translate this for your friends Ciao.

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April 15, 2012

Sunday in Bello and some idiot thought it would be cool to park in front of the building and turn his car stereo all the way up I don’t know how many more times something like this can happen before Jeff decides to go and kick some ass. Usually Ruby will get up and keep him from going and doing something stupid but I think even she is ready to hurt somebody. I think a good thing is they might go out and look for a new place today I need my sixteen hours of sleep. Ruby has the radio on today and their playing mostly romance music so it getting hard to stay awake. Radio is pretty good down here they even play some American rock and roll once in awhile speaking of rock and roll Jeff loaded a bunch music into the computer yesterday so I guess I’ll have to listen to his music during the week. I saw John this morning he was dressed in his Krishna clothes so I guess they’re on the way to the stadium to meet there friend and celebrate their religion. Hey I just noticed the sun is out for the first time all week that means everybody will be out today that’s good like I say I need my sixteen hours of sleep plus a couple of cat naps or I’m just shot for the rest of the day. Jeff and I are doing this blog early because of the nut in the car so Jeff is headed for the shower and then they’re going to take a walk to the plaza so I’m going to start to catch up on me sleep Ciao.

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April 14, 2012

Yesterday was my turn to rant hope you all enjoyed it today is Saturday and Ruby is off to Rio Negro with Nelida to have her eyes touched up (Don’t ask)Jeff and me are going to sleep play rock music very loud and Jeff is actually going to work on his book, yeah right. Just found out that a big retail store down here called Carrefour, which everybody thinks, is a local company is really a French outfit, you just never know. Ruby say she saw the president of Wal-Mart at some conference in Cartagena, let me tell you this if Wal-Mart comes down here you can say goodbye to all the little shops in your area. The stores surrounding the plaza in Bello would all be gone Wal-Mart would see to it. When they go into towns in the USA they destroy little family owned business’s down here they would have no trouble doing that because there are no laws to prevent them. As you can see I really hate them and with good reason they messed up my neighborhood in NJ and treated Ruby like shit and they don’t sell my favorite brand of cat food. Did I tell you it has rained everyday sense last Sunday if not during the day at night beginning around 8PM? It’s starting to effect the way people act and it’s doing a lot of damage in the country already it’s killed something like forty people and destroyed a couple of hundred homes.  Well this blog was fairly depressing I’m going to go and see if I can OD on cat food Ciao.

This is my Happy Mood

He’s getting older

April 13, 2012

I think Jeff is regressing he’s setting around listening to the Kingston Trio and The Lime Lighters now they haven’t been around for about forty years and most of the people we know have never heard of them. They were what was referred to as folk artists before Bob Dylan they were around when you could go into a little bar or café on a college campus spend three or four dollars and listen to live music. You remember when you could go to a Rolling Stones concert without taking out a loan or maxing out your credit cards. Ok for our Colombian friends do you remember when you could go to the local club and here people like Shakira or Juanes for almost nothing and now they don’t even live in Colombia anymore. I haven’t heard any music that I think is worth a hundred and twenty five dollars a ticket especially when I’ve already seen them for 15 dollars and I sat in the third row. I guess we’ll just have to accept the fact that Jeff is getting old, hope this doesn’t mean senility is setting in because I’m not changing any adult diapers I can tell you that right now. I see a box of Depends and I’m out of here, life on the street is better than changing his diaper I know what his farts are like Ciao

Fantasy Thursday

April 12, 2012

Here’s a really good question do you think we are alone in the universe o do you think somewhere out there is intelligent life. Jeff believes that there is life out there and he bases this on scientist saying that with all the billions of stars and their planets out there it is impossible for there no to be. He believes even if the scientist knew there was life out or there had been millions of years before us they wouldn’t tell us. For example there is a article on Yahoo with a NASA picture showing what might be an monolith on the planet mars (sounds like Space Odyssey 2001) If it’s real the biggest reason for not telling people is religion can you imagine what religious scholars would say they would have to rewrite all the holy books to try and explain how life could have existed before their particular God created it. If it wasn’t for the fact that people would probably get violent it would be really fun to watch everybody going crazy. I know Jeff has a sick sense of humor but just think of all the history books that would have to be rewritten. Look at all those rich Evangelistic preachers trying to convince those people that they been taking money from all these years that it not true that science is just making it up. The only thing worse that could happen to religion would be for Aliens to land and say hello children. Well that’s it for fantasy Thursday let me know what you think Ciao.