Whats a little pain now and then

April 29, 2012

Camilo went to his first soccer game I Colombia last night with John to Nacional play and of course they lost, but he did say it was a good game. I got a response from Val about yesterday’s blog on the importance of family she said I was trying to make her cry. Well I wasn’t and if she does cry it should because she’s happy she has a wonderful family and although I’m sure they have their ups and downs just like everybody else there a lot of love going around, I know we’ve all lost relatives it happens as you get older but the young ones are there to keep spreading the love. Well let’s see what I can do to lighten the mood I finally got Jeff trained to give me a good scratch when I start walking around crying now if we could get Ruby to stop complaining about menopause, and Jeff to stop saying everything hurts why the hell do they think I walk around crying all the time. They think they got it bad I’m a cat stuck inside a second story apartment with no view and two old people walking around complaining ,that’s why I love it when Hari comes around he doesn’t complain and he stops the other two from complaining as well. Now don’t get me wrong I love both of them and they make laugh a lot just by being themselves, like how I make noise in the morning to get them up to feed me,  I don’t know how to explain it they sort of sound like that plastic stuff they pack boxes with you the stuff everyone likes to pop, sounds just like them LOL I’m laughing just thinking about it OHOH I got to Pee CIAO.

ain't this the truth

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