April 30, 2012

UGH Monday and it’s cloudy so it even looks like a Monday should. Yesterday was a really nice day I hope tomorrows nice it’s a holiday down here, it’s their Labor day and everybody’s off Ruby doesn’t have to babysit so maybe they’ll go and do something really cool and let me get some rest.  Being the object of such adoration is very stressful on a cat’s personality I’m supposed to get sixteen hours of sleep I ain’t supposed to have run around and make nice to everyone although I will make an exception for Hari. There’s a good soccer game this afternoon Manchester United v Manchester City should be good United is no1 and City is no2 in the Premier League in England. Jeff is making some progress on his book but I think he should have stuck to short stories he has a limited attention span after all he is getting old and you  senility is right around the corner. I better go hide before he sees that last remark I don’t think he’ll be looking at me with adoration then Ciao.

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