Monday need I say more

April 23, 2012

Here’s Monday and the sun is shining everything is set for Camilo’s arrival on Wed. I guess that’s cool, anyway spent Sunday watching soccer with El Jefe was a great day. We watched a replay of Barcelona v Real Madrid a replay of Manchester United v Everton and a live broadcast of NY Red Bulls v DC United so we had Spanish, English and American soccer; of course I slept through it all. Ruby made Lasagna and was great Jeff had it for lunch and dinner; Ruby is a great chef when she wants to be. Today is a no car day in Medellin that means no personal cars allowed I think that’s a cool idea and every city and town in the world should do it once I awhile, it might help cut down on pollution at least for one day. Ruby is going to call the guy who was renting the first house we looked at and if it’s still for rent we’re going to go and measure the bedrooms to see if our stuff will fit and if it does we’re going to take it. Jeff says it has a little fenced in back yard that I’ll be to out and play in; it’s been over ten years sense I’ve been out of the house for anything except doctors and plane trips. You guys will get to see some great pictures from there it’s on top of a mountain and you can see all the way to Medellin, time for me to go back to sleep later Ciao.

One Response to “Monday need I say more”

  1. John said

    Do not complain, none of you have to go to work, if it is monday or any day of the week, for a cat and a retired man is the same….
    Ahhhh, you still have doubts about me reading your blog???


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