May 21, 2013

imagesI’ve been reading a lot about all the destruction from the tornadoes in Oklahoma and can’t help feeling very sad for the loss of life. I did like the story of survival of the dog they dug out of the rubble maybe with gods will some of those missing kids will turn up OK. Most people down here and up there have never seen a tornado for real they only see the news coverage of the after math. Jeff has seen two one out west and on in Pennsylvania he says they sound like a combination of a steam engine and a jet engine. If you never been in an area where they are common you would know it was coming you’d just think it was a bad storm forming and then suddenly it drops out of the sky. They’ve been referred to as the Hammer of god or the Fickle Finger of Fate because they might destroy on home on a street and not even knock the garbage over on the house next door then they’ll go two blocks over and destroy everything on the street. We’re fortunate that they don’t have them in most of Colombia they do get a lot of water spouts which are tornadoes that travel over water. Where we live we get very strong thunderstorms and if it wasn’t for the mountains we might have tornadoes too. These storms do a lot of damage because of the strong lightening and winds never mind the rain and like up there people are saying that they are stronger than in years past and there are more of them. I hope none of our friends ever have to experience a tornado or the full force of a hurricane. We’re going to say a little prayer for those people in Oklahoma and everywhere else that’s suffered this storm season.
One last thing I have my own email address now it’s so if you want to talk drop me a line. This is Flounder saying CIAO and stay safe from Medellin.

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