May 22, 2013

37727262Well Jeff finally published his second book ILF cats and assassins it up on amazon but only in a digital form for now. Jeff and Ruby are going away on Friday for the weekend to a hotel I hope the rain stops by then. It’s been raining everyday and yesterday and last night were the strongest storms yet. There is a little stream across the road from the house and it has maybe a foot of water in it but mostly the level is around eight inches. Yesterday in the space of about twenty to thirty minutes the water level went to over four feet and the wind and thunder were so bad that even I got scared and I’m pretty used to the storms down here now. Like I said yesterday there seems to be more of these storms than in years past. Tomorrow will be the last post until Jeff and Ruby get back on Monday but don’t worry about me Camilo is coming over to take care of me and we get along OK. I really don’t care who comes over so long as they empty the litter box and feed me. Well that’s it for today this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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