May 30, 2013

images Most people in America are familiar with the expression not in my backyard it kinda means yes we want or need this but I don’t want it in my town. It also coming to mean that yes we need to change this law but wait a minute I don’t like the change but I don’t have a better idea. This is obvious in the new Health care Law that was recently passed and is referred to as Obama Care people said for years that the health care system needed to be changed so it was changed now states and politicians are saying no, the new law sucks, but are offering no solutions rather they are saying lets repeal the law and go back to the way things were. Well they just got thru saying the old way is no good now they say it wasn’t that bad. Now look at the new Immigration Law that they’re trying to pass now one of its creators is now saying this part and that part are no good. If that’s true why did he vote to release the bill for vote by House and Senate? This not in my back yard stuff goes on and on we need alternative power wind is a good source of cheap power but nobody wants the windmills in their town. That happens with Cell towers even in Colombia everybody wants better connections but don’t put the tower there it doesn’t go with the neighborhood. I’m convinced that you humans are perhaps the most argumentative species in the world and that you’d rather argue about something rather than fix it. My head hurts with all this stuff so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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