May 28, 2013

Vacation 2013 253

Vacation 2013 254

Vacation 2013 255

Vacation 2013 256

Vacation 2013 258

Vacation 2013 259

Vacation 2013 260

Vacation 2013 261

Vacation 2013 262

Vacation 2013 263

Vacation 2013 267

Vacation 2013 268

Vacation 2013 269

Vacation 2013 270

Vacation 2013 271

Vacation 2013 288Well there back and we’ll start their story with the first day of vacation Friday. They got up at 5:30 in the morning because the buss left at 7Am first stop was for breakfast around 9am then they drove for about 3 hours then had a piss break then what should have been lunch around 1pm turned out to be lunch at 3pm because of traffic delays due to lane closures. They stopped in a really pretty town had lunch then went sightseeing. Ruby got Jeff to climb this really steep staid cast to the top of a mountain for the view. It was really spectacular but Jeff says it almost killed him then it was back on the bus for the last part of the trip. It took over three hours to get to the hotel again because of traffic. They finally got there about 7:45 and dinner was at eight. The rooms were very nice and comfortable dinner was very good. After dinner everybody talked for awhile Jeff made friends with a fellow American who was down to see his fiancé. People didn’t stay up to long everybody was very tired Jeff slept right through the night Ruby couldn’t because of the frogs singing and his friend Roger complained that the roosters crowed every hour on the hour from eleven o’clock on. That was pretty much it for the first day there are some photos here the rest are on Facebook. Day one is over and this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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