January 31, 2016

173d4a95633de8d6efb974e9bbc70d6bRecently Republican candidate Ted Cruz was asked what he would replace Obama care with and didn’t have an answer. This is typical of all politicians that are asked this question. It the Republicans who have been most vocal about replacing it, but as of yet I haven’t read of any replacement programs that would be better or at worst equal to it. This to me is just another example the politicians in Washington being unable to put aside the political bullshit and actually do the job we elected them to and also pay them for. If they don’t like something let us here reasons other than it’s a Republican or Democrat idea and for that matter it would be nice if they both kept the banks out of it. Situations like this are why I hate all politicians equally. They care nothing for the voter only their political contributors and their own self interests. Right now some of my friends who actually read my blog are saying here we go again politics. When is he going to be funny again? Well I get my ideas for topics from the news and right now the funniest stuff is politics and it’s complete absurdity. I’ll try to do better with future posts. Please forgive any typos as I’m doing this without my glasses because I had some surgery to remove some cancer from my nose. Not to fear all went well I’m fine and will continue to post here along with my writing buddy Flounder. This is Flounder along with Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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