January 15, 2016

il_214x170.847022289_4i8yTomorrow I turn Seventy and that got me thinking about all that I’ve seen in my life time. There was the Korean War, Viet Nam War, Granada, Desert Storm and all the others that followed. I’ve seen the Atomic Bomb, the Hydrogen Bomb and terrorism. I saw a man walk on the moon, a cure for Polio, Color TV, computers for the home, cell phones, IMAX. I saw a President assassinated and another one shot, I saw Martin Luther king get shot and John Lennon. I saw live pictures from Mars, driverless cars, the birth of Rock and Roll, Hippies, Disco, Hip Hop, and Rap. I’ve seen 49 Super Bowls, 17 Olympics, 68 World Series. I’ve seen our heroes turned in to goats. But I’ve also witnessed what we lost, the great actors and actresses of Hollywood’s glory days Bogart, Edward G, Tracey, and Hepburn. The demise of the movie musical and along with it Fred Astaire and Mickey Rooney and Ginger Rogers all forgotten now. Personally I’ve lost my father, mother, older brother, sister in-lawn and my niece Kim. There have been uncles and cousins some of whom I barely knew others that I was not close too but Kim hurt the most because she was younger and I didn’t think her time should have been up. I know I haven’t covered everything that I’ve seen in my seventy years but it’s a start. What would I like the future to hold? Well a safe world for my grandson, Niece, and great Nephews to live. An end to racism, of course this would require people understanding that we need each other to survive. Ah well this old guy is tired and so is my friend Flounder who says CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “70 YEARS DAM THAT’S A LONG TIME”

  1. valerie said

    good blog liked it we have seen so much history in our lives it is just amazing


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