June 12, 2016

springtime-1886Well it’s springtime remember when all it meant was time to plant flowers, get the lawn mower out, head for the Trout stream, clean the barbeque, and start looking for that vacation spot. Well now it means college protests, pissed off farmers, and crazy people with guns running around killing people. And this year you have presidential primaries which have set race relations back fifty years. There’s a great anti war song by the Kinston trio and Peter, Paul and Mary called, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone”. It seems the only thing people are interested in planting this spring is hatred and racism. Sad because spring is supposed to be a time of rebirth and instead we’re getting a season of destruction more in line with Barry McGuire’s “Eve of Destruction”. Where did it go so terribly wrong? My belief is that after the Viet Nam War and Water Gate the American people just wanted to get on with their lives and sort of put on blinders to anything that might upset there peaceful existence. They were grateful all the credit that was around and they used it forgetting that they would have to pay it back. They believed that everything was just going to continue being rosy. They forgot one thing the people that were running everything were nothing more than a bunch of power hungry greedy bastards. When everything started to go downhill they wanted to blame somebody so those in power gave them a scapegoat illegal immigrants and programs like Affirmative Action. Forgetting the fact that the profit hungry corporate assholes were moving overseas to escape taxes and obtain access to cheap labor. Others imported Asians to the lucrative market and paid them less than Americans and blamed the Mexicans. Mexicans were willing to work as farm labors, dishwashers or anything else without the benefit of hospitalization or any other benefit. A major complaint was they worked for cash and didn’t pay taxes. Well here’s a flash either did their employers avoiding payroll taxes and increasing their profits. So the rich got richer and the rest of us kept looking for someone to blame other than the real culprits’ politicians and big business. Now we have race issues that have nothing to do with the middle class being screwed once again. We look around and see Donald Trump saying all these crazy things and think well he’s rich and powerful he must know what he’s talking about. And then there’s Hillary Clinton who people say is the most qualified to become President. What’s that mean she’s better at screwing the little guy and getting away with it. We had a legitimate dark horse candidate in Bernie Sanders but he made the mistake of allowing the word Socialism to be attached to his name and that was pretty much that, although he gave it a good run. Look people what I’m trying to say here in a long winded sort of way is you better start looking at yourselves and what you can do to fix the government instead of looking to blame everything and everybody else. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    Don’t worry about a thing America has the fixer upper coming in to save us – Donald Trump Dear God I am going to vomit!!!


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