June 26, 2016

pet-peeves-emily-mcdowellWell first let me apologize for no saying goodbye properly last post. Now that’s out of the way don’t forget I really am running for President. Now it’s time to discuss my pet peeves. You know things that really piss me of like waiting in line 10 minutes to pay for something. Hey if you want my money get somebody over here to take don’t make me wait to give it to you. Rock singers piss me off along with movie stars and some professional athletes because they think they’re better than us they seem to forget that without us they’re nothing they should pay us for asking for an autograph. The one thing that really piss’s me off is watching people waste their talent or worse yet an opportunity. You this in athlete are all the time a good example of this would be Johnny Manziel. A kid with a lot of talent that thought he didn’t have to obey the rule because he was just so cool. I see a lot of kids that come from really good homes and have money and brains just destroy their lives when there are a lot of kids out there that would love to be able to go to college. Again you see scholarship students and athletes that just waste their time and don’t seem to care. Rock singers screw up their lives with drugs like Jimi Hendricks, Janice Joplin. Amy Winehouse. They become troubled souls and decide to destroy themselves. What really gets me is the kid that has a chance to go to college because his parent have broke their ass to give him that chance and they decide not to take advantage and just sit around wasting their lives. There are the kids that have talent but let booze or a girl destroy their chances. What’s worse, are the ones who are just too scared to take a chance. Well this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    I am working on being less pissed off – it ain’t easy but still working on it


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