November 17, 2019

Well lets talk about impeachment today. I read this morning that some people think because the Trumpster went to the doctor yesterday for an unscheduled checkup that he’s going to use a medical excuse to quit. I don’t believe it. The Trumpster may be a coward but he also an egotistical bastard and that my friends will keep him from resigning. He might if it looks like he may face criminal charges, like Nixon, make some sort of deal that gives him immunity to those charges. If, and it looks like they will, the Congress votes for impeachment it will go to the Senate. The Senate hold the trial to either acquit or convict. They then can decide to censure or remove him. Based on what’s being said now they will vote to dismiss all charges and the Democrats will look like asshole for wasting so much time and money trying to convict him. That in my opinion my friends will pretty much guarantee his reelection. He, if by some chance is convicted and removed can still run for election. It is my belief that the Dems should not of pursued impeachment at this time but concentrated their efforts on denying his reelection and the removal of all the Republicans that are coming up for reelection in 2020. The Trumpster’s supporters are the same people that went nuts when Obama was elected. They are the ones that consistently used racial slurs in their criticism of him. I usually make fun of all politicians but the way people talked about Obama and the insults that were thrown around I didn’t say anything. That doesn’t mean I think he was great history will judge that not me. He did however get changes to the medical insurance done something that Bill Clinton had assigned to his wife but she was never able to do. Even today as the Trumpster makes every effort to take apart Obama Care he has no idea what to replace it with. There in lies the real reason for him to be removed. He doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s doing. He only does those thing that will benefit him and not the rest of us, but of course his minions don’t believe that. He has made promises that even if he keeps them won’t bring back manufacturing jobs or the coal industry. In short he not only the most dishonest President my generation has had, he’s also more incompetent than any. Well look it’s football Sunday and I need my weekly fix so for Flounders friend and my companion Antonia this is Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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