November 10, 2019

Well if you really want to know how bad things are getting. I just heard that the intelligence people are saying that America is now a leading exporter of WHITE SUPREMACY RHETORIC.. that just one thing your president the Trumpster has done to make America Great Again in his own little mind. His bowing and admiring of the worlds leading despots is tell us he wants to be Emperor of the world not just the US. Some how he has convinced a segment of the country, all of whom are not radical nut jobs, that he has all the answers, is never wrong, and has the regular people in his heart. Well first we know he doesn’t have all the answers and the ones he does have only benefit him or his rich friends around the world. To have a leader that admits to admiring a man like Kim because he can get his people to sit straight up in their chairs when they are speaking should worry everybody. They aren’t sitting up in respect they are sitting up out of fear. The Trumpster wants to take this country beyond the fictional 1984 and into a world where he is Emperor. Now your saying how can I say this. Easy, he believes only he has the answers to other countries problems and that only he can solve all the worlds differences if he commands it. So far Russia is just laughing, North Korea is as well and Iran is pretty much telling us to go fuck ourselves. Wait: I just heard that Kim and North Korea want to talk again. They did this during the Korean war and while we talked they got just about everything the could want. North Viet Nam did the same thing with even better results. The Trumpster believes he’s smarter that everyone else and will be able to make a deal. He might make a deal but Korea’s will most likely cheat on it. Then sometime in the future they will just simple say fuck you. You kind of have to admire Iran,s attitude they don’t try to hide behind a lot of bullshit they simply do what they want to and say fuck you. Now the only thing I can say is unless we remove him, and there’s no guarantee we can, the world will not be a better place and America will be a lot unsafer then at any other time in its history. This is Fats and my new writing partner Antonia (who had and has Flounders complete confidence) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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