July 23, 2013

DuckDynasty-s3-cast-630-jpg_215638This morning Jeff and Ruby went to The hospital where Ruby’s going to have the hand surgery to meet with the surgeon and fill out all the paper work so were ready to go on Thursday. But now I want to talk about a TV phenomenon called Duck Dynasty it’s about a family that has gotten rich making duck calls. To me glorifying hunting for sport is just wrong I mean cats don’t hunt for play we hunt to eat and that’s OK. But this family pretends to be a bunch of dumb hillbillies so first you’ll watch their show and then but their stuff. I had Jeff go to a hunting and fishing store website, the store was Cabelas, and look for these duck call it turns out that they do carry a few and there inexpensive and cheap looking. I guess their theory is only make them to last on season so people will have to keep buying new ones. As for the show even Jeff’s niece who is living in Japan at the moment watches this show we tried one night and made to the first commercial and decided that these people need to cared for by professionals and I don’t mean hunters. If haven’t at least tried to watch a episode it’s on A&E in the US and down here but don’t look for rewarding TV but maybe you’ll get lucky and get a funny moment or two. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia


  1. valerie said

    do I watch?? NO WAY


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