July 21, 2013

CourtesyQuote1I’m sitting here at the computer sipping Jeff’s coffee trying to wake up, there was a party for the bus drivers across the way it stated at around 7:30 last night and ended at about 8:00 am. It’s amazing how people down here can have a reputation for being so nice, when all they care about is themselves. Jeff has met several Americans living or visiting down here and they all have the same complaint and it’s how rude the people are. If you’re walking down the street carrying a package and someone is coming from the other direction it becomes a contest to see who will give way and invariably it’s the person with the package that ends up walking in the street. If your riding a bus let’s say during off hours and you arrive at the last stop usually the Metro station people will run you down to get off before you and the same applies to boarding or exiting a train. The only thing good you see is that the young men will give up their seat on the Metro for an older woman or man. Kids will sit there and laugh while looking right at you. People down here haven’t learned that if you have managed to get to a position where you can have a nice house in a nice neighborhood, you don’t continue to throw your garbage in the street or nearby water way. Jeff say’s he saw the same thing in the US after the race riots of the sixties when people who had been displaced were placed in new buildings with affordable rent and in two years they looked like the old slums. Down by the Exito there’s a bunch of fairly new looking buildings but if you pass them on the right day every balcony and window will have laundry hanging from it making a rather unattractive sight. Well that’s enough complaining for now today is the big birthday bash for Jeff and Ruby’s grandson Hari so I’ve got to go and get ready This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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