July 20, 2013

imagesWell this is about guns I don’t like guns but I’m a cat and we naturally don’t like guns. When Jeff was 12 you could go into any sporting goods store and buy a rifle or shot gun no registration required and Jeff father bought him a single shot 22 cal. Winchester bolt action rifle. He was pretty good with it, actually he was fantastic with it, he joined a NRA rifle shooting team at the local YMCA. He immediately got a reputation as someone who didn’t miss he won all his matches but he loved when he beat the little rich kid with the shooting jacket and target sights on his gun. The kid complained the Jeff had miss the target on one round but the spotters said the bullet passed thru the same hole. To prove this Jeff reeled in his target and put a plain piece of white paper behind the hole, he let the rich kids old man check it out he then sent the target back down range and proceeded to put his shot threw the exact same hole as before. The point of this story isn’t about his expertise but the fact that he could easily buy the gun and then take a city bus to the range with the gun in a box and no one would question the 12 year old Jeff. The other thing is we didn’t have armed robberies or as many gun related crimes it just wasn’t done. Somewhere along the line our society has flipped out and is in need of serious therapy. That’s it I’m out of here this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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