July 18, 2013

Foto-ligaWell the game is over and Nacional won we must give credit where credit is due they did win. I ‘m not sure when they’re going to stop parting and I don’t know when the league starts up again so for now that’s it for soccer in Medellin as for the rest of the country now they have to prepare for the world cup in 2014 first they must make sure they qualify then they have to see how far they can go. They do have two world class players in Falcao and James both have played well on the world stage. Getting back to Nacional Jeff will now have to put up with John and the fact that just about everybody in the family roots for Nacional except Jeff and Hader who root for Medellin. I guess they like rooting for the underdogs it will be a long off season. Although if you look at Nacional never beat Medellin this year so we at least can say that. That’s it for me the Nacional folks kept setting off fireworks all night so I’m bushed and going to take a nap this is Flounder saying Congratulations to Nacional and CIAO

One Response to “IT’S OVER”

  1. John said

    Jaaaaaa, Poor of you Jeffrey, you chose the wrong team, so please get used to being a loser. Ahhhh do not worry, the league starts again in 10 days, and Nacional will also be in the Suramericana cup in 15 days,,,, so It is just the beginning………


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