July 31, 2013

imagesI’ve got old one eye helping with today’s post, so if it’s a little funny looking don’t blame me. We’ve been reading the news lately and have noticed a lot of train and bus accidents around the world and we’re wondering if either our technology has surpassed our ability to control it safely or is it outdated already. We’re going to go with its surpassed our ability to control it. I think that we’ve made thing so much faster that the human element is too slow to react in crisis situations. I also think that we’ve gotten to dependent on the machines making the right decisions for us so that if they don’t we can’t react fast enough. There is the maintenance factor to take into consideration to. The stress on components to go faster or carry more people is eventually going to take its toll. The solution seems to be but as much blame as possible on the human element so people won’t lose trust in the machines. Yes the human element contributes to the problem but that’s simply because you not going to get well educated bus drivers or train conductors. I don’t mean to demean the professions it’s just that these are boring jobs with little chance for real advancement. I don’t know if a higher degree of education would make a difference because unless you’re a hockey goalie or stockcar driver when things are happening at very high speeds around you’re not going to react fast enough in certain situations. We’ll be back to look at other aspects of technology soon this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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