October 23, 2013

tv-games-motionI get tired of reading about violence involving kids and then hearing it’s the fault of TV and electronic games. That’s not the fault youth violence has been around forever and the biggest cause, other than actual some kind of brain damage, has been parental neglect. We don’t mean parents abandoning their kids although that does happen far too often. We mean with the cost of having a family so high now both parents have to work and the kids spend their youth being brought up by nannies or schools rather than their mother and father. When parents get home from work now, they but the kids in front of the TV and use it as a baby sitter while there on the phone or taking a nap. When something bad happens involving there kid they look everywhere for an excuse rather than saying I guess I just never gave him enough time. When Jeff was growing up his mother didn’t work she was there every day when he got home from school she new every kid he ever made friends with they had to come to the house and meet her to get her stamp of approval. Some of them who didn’t have the best home life spent more time at his house than they did at theirs. The point of this story is stop blaming the TV and the Play Station and start taking responsibility for your kids. If you don’t you might be seeing them on TV and not the way you want. This the confirmed Bachelor Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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