October 27, 2013

spyvsspyI’m sure you’ve heard how upset the world is with the US about spying on everyone well this has been going on forever. Every country spies on every other country this nothing new it’s just the fact that it became public that’s upsetting everyone. In America we spied on the British, French Spanish, and Native American during the revolution and they all spied on us. Now days Israel spies on us we spy on them. Even the Catholic Church has an intelligence agency and it’s very effective, but you won’t see that in the papers or on line. All countries handle the issue of spies as quietly as possible by simply removing them from the country and sending them home without publicity. Even corporations spy on each other with regularity, so I don’t know why everybody’s upset with the US unless their jealous of the technology used. It does make for good reading on the internet everybody loves a good spy story and it gives more plots to the Fiction writers. I’m sure we’ll see a boat load or books involving the NSA and it’s spying in the next year. it also keeps commentators and politicians something to talk about instead of the real issues. Well this is Flounder, and its Sunday my day of rest while Jeff and Ruby go off to El Jefe’s house for lunch, so CIAO from Medellin.

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