October 31, 2013

l-Halloween-catsToday is Halloween or as they call it down here Children’s day it’s an excuse for adults to get dressed up as characters or real people they wish they could be. For kids it’s a great day of fun and scares for adult’s time to party. There will costume contests for everyone there will be hunted house tours as well. In the US specifically New Orleans there will be Cemetery tours and New Orleans has some really spooky ones. New Orleans had (I not sure if she still does) one of the best and hardest to get as invite party in the country at the author Anne Rice’s house. There will be a parade in Medellin and Bello down here but I’m sorry Colombia no on e can beat Greenwich Village New York for a Halloween parade. It’s also me day because we cats have a special relationship with Witches Ghosts and Goblins. If you been nasty to a cat during the past year, you could be in for a bad day and night so don’t let a Black walk across your path or thing could get strange. The sad thing about this day that some really sick people will try and hurt kids with bad candy or something worse. They pick today because the cowardly pricks can hide behind masks. Well let’s not think about that right now everybody have a fun and safe day this Flounder waiting for the ghosts to arrive saying CIAO from Transylvania no I mean Colombia.

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