October 30, 2013

no entiendo nada III bet most of you are just like Jeff when it comes to understanding insurance policies. I sometimes think that people love to go around and confuse each other then complain about things they never understood in the first place. I don’t think most agents understand everything their selling you since policies are filled with a lot of fine print and legal mumbo jumbo. So when I hear the news from the US and they talk about Obama care I wonder do they really understand what they’re talking about or do they just like to complain. You know politicians buy a policy and then give to their lawyers to explain it to them that and their position in government makes sure there covered adequately. The rest of the world has to trust their relatives in the insurance business or the smooth talker that’s sitting across the dining room selling them this wonderful thing called an insurance policy. Most people aren’t aware of what it covers until they have to use it. That’s because it’s usually contained in a book the size of a dictionary. If the politicians want to reform Healthcare or other insurances they should first make sure they’re written in language that the common men can understand, then when everybody starts discussing it we’ll all know what the hell we’re talking about. This is a confused and bewildered Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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