October 28, 2013

imagesToday I’m writing at the request of my buddy one eyed Jeff, he’s completing his third book. This one is a detective thriller of sorts tentatively called “Death Comes Home” his character returns from Afghanistan after serving as a Long Range Recon Sniper and doing things he can’t talk about for unnamed Intelligence organizations. After a short stint at being a cop he decides to return to school where he discovers he’s a genius when it comes to computers. So when he finishes his courses he goes to Newark NJ of all places and opens up a Private Investigation office. His first client turns out to be friends with someone he worked with overseas and is being hunted by an international drug concern out of the Infamous Golden Triangle in South East Asia. Oh and before I forget he’s also a Serial Killer. Now what Jeff needs is an idea for a cover he has no money to get one done professionally so he’s asking his friends out there to help out. Believe me when I say he needs all the help he can get and not just for a book cover this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

One Response to “HELP NEED BOOK COVER”

  1. Valerie McCaffrey said

    come on I have not read the second one yet but I promised my self I would read all the books I have lined up before the holidays, I am in one of those moods where I cannot read I have the one I need to finish (started it at the beach and am only in the middle I pick it up and put it down – does that ever happen to you??  Well  your second one is next.  The third one sounds good I like mysteries, but I suck at designing book covers – so no help from me. 


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