October 29, 2013

imagesI read this article about this baby that never grew older she had just died last Thursday at the age of twenty but had never aged past the age of 1. Everybody is excited saying maybe her DNA will show how to stop the aging process. That’s all and good but like I’ve said many times in this blog if people live longer and certain diseases stop killing us where are we going to put all the people and how are we going to feed them. It’s like watching land developers build high rises in a crowded neighborhood so that they can but more people there. They never look at where the water is going to come from or anything else. Jeff spent a few years as a mechanic when he was younger and he realized designers and engineers never talk to each other when he had to drill holes to remove spark plugs from engines that were to tight for the space that was designed. Sure having a planet full of 21 year old looking people sounds really cool until you start worrying about all the other shit. This is an aging gracefully Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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