October 24, 2013

firedI just finished reading an article about a young African American lady that was fired from the restaurant chain Hooters for having blond highlights in her hair and is now suing Hooters. Now this may or may not be a legitimate claim but it reminded Jeff of all the crap he had to put up with as a restaurant manager as well as owner of a small business. In the restaurant he managed the stall had the labor department on speed dial so it was managing while working on egg shells. If an employee did something wrong you had to document it in triplicate warn them twice about their behavior and then talk to the company lawyer to make sure you did everything right before you could fire that person. While you were doing that said employee was going around saying he was being picked on and trying to create unrest in the rest of the staff. Now if you ever worked in the business you know that people work different days and time so it’s possible that some of the staff would be unaware of said employee’s behavior and would take his side. This would require a staff meeting after the dismissal to explain yourself, and reaffirm the policies that had got the person fired in the first place. That is why Jeff hated management because even when they more than disserved to be fired you had to jump thru hoops to get rid of them. This is a glad I never had to work Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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