Military in Bogota

August 30, 2013

Juan-Manuel-SantosI guess this was inevitable President Santos has ordered the Military into the capital city of Bogota because of the disturbances in the last two day in which two people died. It would appear that the original demonstration in support of the farm protest was peaceful until the tugs in the neighbor hood decided to fight with the police and destroy private property. This isn’t something that just happens in Colombia, in the US many times peaceful protest is upset by more militant parties that use it as an excuse to rob and beat with relatively anonymously. They wouldn’t have to send in troops if the police were better trained for this kind of situation. In the US back in the sixties when the race riots happened, neither the police nor the military were trained in riot control. If they started to train them now it wouldn’t help the present situation but at least the military presence should help protect the civilians and their property. I don’t think this is a long term solution but it might help a little or it could make things a lot worse. He also said he would use the air force to fly in supplies to areas affected by the farmer blockade of the highways; also he will use guarded caravans to insure the safety of civilian transportation so people can get back to work and school. I have no idea what will happen next I will keep you all posted thru this blog. This is a nervous Flounder saying CIAO from Peaceful (So far) Medellin.

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