August 28, 2013

indexThe world is completely screwed up look a t the news Chinese parents are selling their kids eye for money. The US is going to make another mistake in an area of the world they have never understood and you know their doing it for selfish reasons. Just like they do when they make trade agreements with developing nations they don’t do to help them they do it to screw them. Now don’t think I’m anti American I’m a citizen and proud of it but I refuse to keep quiet when I see the country making mistakes. If we help over throw Sadat in Syria we further destabilize the area and give the Taliban and Al Qaeda another place to gain influence. If the planet continues its present trend of having countries try to solve other countries problems with the use of force we may yet see Armageddon in our life time.

One Response to “COULD THE END BE NEAR?”

  1. valerie said

    amen to that – it is all so frightening


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